ABA releases book on countering the financing of terrorism

During the past several decades, countering the financing of terrorism has been a significant policy priority of U.S. and international security agencies, generated by 9/11 and subsequent terrorism threats. A new book published by the ABA Business Law Section captures that threat and provides a detailed outline of the key laws and strategies used to thwart the money feeding terrorism.

“Countering the Financing of Terrorism: Law and Policy” taps leading authorities with real-world experience and first-hand knowledge about how governmental entities and the private sector have focused on preventing financial and commercial systems from being leveraged and abused to fund terrorist activities. The book follows a logical progression of relevant topics that fosters a better understanding of this dynamic challenge.

The book outlines the domestic and international legal architecture of the battle against the financing of terrorism and should prove invaluable to help lawyers and other professionals, including media, better understand this complex issue. It includes:

• Terror financing typologies and the means of combatting them

• Designating terrorists and terrorist groups domestically and internationally

• Freezing terrorist assets and related counter-terrorism initiatives

• The role of financial institutions in countering the financing of terrorism

• Criminal prosecutions and civil remedies against terrorists and their facilitators

• Related legal authorities used by the military and the intelligence community

Included are chapter appendices and exhibits with charts and graphs, as well as an extensive table of cases for easy reference.