Women's Rights Treaty discussed


- Photo by John Meiu

The Program for International Legal Studies at Wayne State University Law School recently hosted “U.S. Ratification of the Women’s Rights Treaty: Fabulous, Horrendous or Meaningless” as part of its Winter/Spring 2011 Speaker Series. Among those taking part were (left to right) Julia Ernst, visiting associate professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C., and Gregory Fox, WSU Law School professor. “The Women’s Rights Treaty was adopted by the United Nations in 1979 and still has yet to be ratified by the United States,” Ernst said. “We are one of six countries that has not ratified the treaty out of the 192 member nations of the U.N. and so I’m here to talk about why the U.S. has failed to ratify and its prospects for ratification and the importance of U.S. ratification for women’s rights around the world.”