Attorneys urged to sign up for SBM committees

State Bar of Michigan President-Elect Brian Einhorn is inviting attotneys to apply now for appointment to committees for the 2013-2014 bar year.

Service on committees is voluntary and occurs through an appointment process that begins with an application that must be filed by May 3.

“State Bar members often complain about the Bar not doing enough to support lawyers or the rule of law or to improve access to justice,” Einhorn said.

The Bar has 24 committees and four initiatives specifically created to help lawyers do their jobs, stress the importance of the rule of law, and make sure clients are able to obtain fair, quality representation, he said.

“Instead of complaining,” he said “members should volunteer to join a committee and work to better those areas you think need improvement.”

Nearly 30 standing and special committees work to implement the State Bar’s Strategic Plan, build effective programs that benefit Michigan lawyers and the public, and improve the
administration of justice in Michigan.

Appointments for the 2013-2014 bar year are expected to be finalized before Sept. 1.

Applications can be submitted online at

More information about the committees can be found on the SBM website or by contacting SBM Director of External Development Candace Crowley at or 517-346-6319.