Program led by women judges helps law students

Noting International Women’s Day, the Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday highlighted MentorJet, an initiative of the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ).

Chaired in Michigan by Clinton County Circuit Court Judge Michelle M. Rick, MentorJet brings together judges, lawyers and law students so that the students can ask questions and learn about their practice areas.

At sessions held in law schools throughout Michigan, lawyers and judges who volunteer for MentorJet ‘speed mentor’ law students during a two-hour session.  

Each law student meets with a mentor for six minutes and then rotates to another mentor.  Upcoming sessions include:

• March 24, 5 to 7 p.m. at WMU-Cooley Grand Rapids Campus.
• June 9, 5 to 7 p.m. at WMU-Cooley Auburn Hills Campus.

“When you are not able to set up an informational meeting, MentorJet is the perfect way to get answers to those thoughtful and quick questions which remain important to you,” said Justice Bridget M. McCormack. 

“Whether it was my own father or other lawyers and judges with whom I have worked, mentors helped shape my career as a lawyer and on the bench,” said Justice David F. Viviano.  “That’s why I always appreciate the opportunity to be a mentor and enjoy participating in MentorJet.” 

“Opinions, briefs, and law books can only take you so far,” said Justice Joan L. Larsen.  “Mentors provide real life experience in the law, and law students cannot get that information anywhere else.” 

Lawyers and judges who are interested in serving as mentors at the March 24 event need to submit a bio and photo for the program e-book by March 18.  

Direct responses and inquiries for additional information to Danielle M. Hall at 

Submission deadline for the June 9 event is May 27 with responses and inquiries directed to Shari F. Lesnick at