Interim county clerk praised for reducing backlog

Macomb County Circuit Court Chief Judge James Biernat Jr. is praising the Macomb County Clerk’s Office for reducing backlogs of electronic court filings as well as entries for the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN).

“I would like to commend the County Clerk, Kathy Smith and her staff for the excellent job they have been doing,” the judge said in a statement. “They are frequently achieving the best processing times and the smallest backlogs that I have seen during my tenure as a judge.

“All of the staff have stepped up to the plate to see that the work of the county clerk’s office is being performed in a timely and efficient manner, and everyone benefits from their hard work!”

Efilings are routinely being processed within about 24 hours,  according to court officials, and the backlog has dropped from more than 3,000 unprocessed e-filings last November to 92 on Aug. 16.

Also last November, there was a three-month backlog in processing over 2,000 entries into the LEIN. Those entries contain information about criminal convictions that is sent to the State Police.

This has now been reduced to a two to three day backlog, according to the court, with only 278 unprocessed LEIN entries as of Aug. 16.
Processing abstracts for Secretary of State is now current, with no backlog, officials said.

County Executive Mark Hackel credited Smith and her staff with “restoring operational efficiency and integrity” to the clerk’s office.

“The commitment and dedication of the clerk’s office was especially evident during our recent election — a primary with record-breaking turnout — where we all experienced an organized and orderly process at the polls,” Hackel said.

Smith was appointed to serve as interim county clerk/register of deeds in May after Karen Spranger was ousted from the job to which she was elected in November 2016.

A judge earlier had determined that Spranger, who had been embroiled in controversy almost since her election, lied about her residency when she filed to become a candidate.