Fund to support Nassar victims' counseling

EAST LANSING (AP) — Michigan State University has started an intermediate fund to support counseling and mental health services for victims of imprisoned former sports doctor Larry Nassar.

The school shut down a previous $10 million fund after its interim president at the time said nearly half of the $1.1 million that had been distributed had gone to people trying to defraud the school.

Campus police said none of those fraudulent claims were made by Nassar’s victims.

The school said Thursday that the intermediate fund is available to Michigan State health clinic patients and student-athletes who were abused by Nassar.

Parents of the victims also can use the services.

Hundreds of girls and women said Nassar molested them while he worked for Michigan State and USA Gymnastics.

“The priority is to provide support and assistance for the survivors as soon as possible, said MSU Board of Trustees Chairperson Dianne Byrum. “Setting up an intermediate fund means survivors can get the help they need now while we work to establish a permanent solution.

“We feel we learned a great deal since the identification of alleged fraud in the original fund and are confident we can move forward with an intermediate fund in a manner that supports survivors while reducing the risk of fraud.”