Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

The undersigned are former members of the Board of Governors of Wayne State University, with 127 years of combined service. We write in our individual capacities to express our dismay at the actions of four current Board members in clamoring for the ouster of Dr. M. Roy Wilson as WSU’s President. Their misguided actions are inflicting incalculable harm on a great university whose stability and success are so vital to the educational and economic future of Southeast Michigan.

Reasonable minds can disagree on substantive issues that come before the Board, but elevating those disagreements to personal attacks on the President reflect badly on the entire institution. Creating a toxic environment is hardly conducive to attracting top-flight administrators, faculty members, and researchers to Wayne State.

Having just celebrated its 150th anniversary, WSU has never been so greatly valued by its students, alumni, donors, friends and the broader community. Unless the unwarranted attacks being carried on by certain Board members stop immediately, the future of this great university is likely to be irreparably damaged.

Vernice Anthony
Governor, 1995-1998

Eugene Driker
Governor, 2002-2014

Diane Dunaskiss
Governor, 1995-2018

Michael Einheuser
Governor, 1975-1990

Elizabeth Hardy
Governor, 1991-2006

Paul Hillegonds
Governor, 2002-2004

Denise Lewis
Governor, 1993-2000

Paul Massaron
Governor, 2001-2016

Robert H. Naftaly
Governor, 1987-1994

David Nicholson
Governor, 2013-2018

Gary Pollard
Governor, 2009-2016

Michael T. Timmis
Governor, 1991-1996

November 12, 2019