Webinar to look at 'Reducing Court' Failure-to-Appear Rates'

The National Center for State Courts will conduct a webinar on “Reducing Courts’ Failure-to-Appear Rates: Promising Strategies” Monday, March 14, beginning at 3 p.m. via Zoom.

Failure to appear in court is a significant problem across the country, especially as it relates to defendants’ response to orders to appear in court for relatively minor offenses, such as traffic offenses, misdemeanors, and low-level felonies. Non-custodial criminal defendants often fail to appear in court for all kinds of mandated appearances, especially initial hearings, which can result in significant cost to the court system and the defendants.

This webinar will present a discussion focused on how various court systems are attempting to reduce failures to appear in low-level offenses through text-reminder pilot projects, amnesty weeks, and community events.

Attendees will hear a discussion about how courts can learn more about their failure-to-appear rates and adapt to implement programs designed to reduce failure-to-appear rates.

Panelists include:

• Judge Scott Schlegel, District Court Judge, Division “D,” 24th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
• Judge John Baxter, Salt Lake City Justice Court, Utah
• Judge Stephen Wallace, Circuit Court Criminal judge in Jefferson County, Tenth Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama
• Colleen Rosshirt, manager, Case Management Section, Supreme Court of Ohio
• Danielle Hirsch, Court Consulting Services, National Center for State Courts

For additional information or to register for the webinar, visit www.ncsc.org and click on “Webinars.”


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