MSU Law student group works to connect veterans

By Jake Jenkins

At Michigan State University College of Law, there are resources for students who have served in the military and for those who are interested in providing legal aid.

Student Veterans of America (SVA) aims to provide academic, social, and professional support and opportunities to military affiliated students and their families.

“We all share an experience many people cannot understand,” said Damon Anderson, a 12-year Marine Corp veteran and president of Student Veterans of America. “This group is a nice place to have a community of people to know what it’s like to be a veteran and educate each other on the financial benefits we receive while attending law school.”

Some law students, who have never served in the military, aspire to join after graduating and providing legal services to one of the branches. Alexis Woolridge, president and founder of the Military Law Society, established the organization this academic year to educate interested students on related issues through activism, awareness, and advocacy; inform and foster interest in military legal opportunities; and promote civic engagement through public service.

“I saw SVA supporting students who were already veterans and I wanted to create something for those who have no military experience but wants to join,” said Wooldridge. “In my thinking, they were resources for veterans, and I wanted to plan for something for the future.”

While Wooldridge did not serve in the military, she was selected for the Graduate Law Program (GLP), which is designed for first year law students to participate in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) for two years while in law school.