Unanimous court picks Clement as chief justice

The Michigan Supreme Court recently voted unanimously to elect Justice Elizabeth T. Clement as the chief justice.  

In response, Clement released the following message:

“I am honored to have been chosen unanimously by my colleagues to serve as chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court for the next two years. In the new year and beyond, we all look forward to working with judges and court professionals statewide to further our shared commitment to civility, transparency, and accountability. Together, we can
achieve our shared mission to ensure courts are independent, accessible, engaged, and provide an efficient justice system that works for everyone.

“Our agenda is ambitious, but I know the judicial branch has the passion and energy to meet every challenge. For example, juvenile justice reform is a priority as courts provide the information and expertise necessary to help enact and implement common-sense policy measures that will guide and protect young people at risk. We have the opportunity in 2023 to make Michigan a national leader in positive outcomes for every child who is engaged with the justice system.

“The groundbreaking Michigan Judicial Council will continue bringing stakeholders together to develop plans to make courts more welcoming, easier to navigate, and staffed by professionals with the latest technology training. We are also committed to continuing support for Michigan’s successful problem-solving courts—a proven model for justice that saves lives and helps participants return to their jobs and families.

“Data will help drive all of these initiatives. This is one of the reasons the judiciary has focused on implementing a statewide case management system. This historic step forward will save money, allow for expansion of online court services, and increase opportunities to share resources, making the entire justice system more efficient and effective. Just as important, better collection and sharing of data will allow for more transparent decision-making and improved policy development.

“Finally, my colleagues and I are excited to welcome Justice Kyra Harris Bolden to the Court. Her perspective, life experience, knowledge, and ability to connect with people and their everyday concerns are a welcome addition to our bench. We all appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of Michigan.”



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