MSU Law alum's book emphasizes finding the good in every day



Jeff Holst is a recovering attorney,  a podcast host and real estate investor. He graduated early and with honors from Michigan State College of Law.

By Jake Jenkins

In his new book, “No Bad Days: How to Make Every Day Great,” Michigan State University College of Law alum, Jeffrey Holst, provides a message of positivity and hope that has resonated with many people.

He said his personal commitment to find the good in any day, no matter how dark it might seem, has changed his life.  And that message found an audience as on its first day of release, it was No. 1 on Amazon among personal finance books.

The book recounts Holst’s near-fatal cancer diagnosis that led him to file for personal bankruptcy (ironically, he owned a bankruptcy law practice), and his eventual emergence as a successful investor with a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio.

“I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008,” Holst said. “I went to Peru for a couple of weeks and when I returned, that’s when I found out I was sick and that one of my attorneys was planning to start their own firm. I quickly went from two to zero attorneys.”

Holst was grateful to have people willing to help him during his time in need and look after his business while he was being treated. But financial woes continued.

“I had to cover cases by hiring attorneys to fill in for me and a lot of people did that for free,” he said.  “I even had classmates of mine who showed up for me to help but we didn’t really have income coming in. Back then we had phone books ads that ran for about $5,000 a month and television commercials that were fine when we were making money but then I piled up on personal debt.”

In the aftermath of his failed law practice, Holst not only was able to secure an employment opportunity, but he was also able to begin his journey in real estate.

“I took a job in transportation where I was doing some legal/human resources work,” he said. “During that time, I was buying up real estate with my bonuses and I had about 50 single-family houses and coming out of the recession when things were cheap and prices were starting to come up, I was in a really good spot.”

Holst started writing his debut book without even realizing it, starting as a just a journal in 2019 where he was just expressing his thoughts.

“I wrote an intro chapter without even realizing it was an intro chapter,” he said. “I was really revisiting some trauma in my past and I wrote it and shared it with my then-wife, and it was there when I started to write a complete book.”

On the Amazon website, Holst’s book is described as “the definitive guide to living with a transformative, positive mindset—one that has worked for over a quarter century. He shares his unique life experiences to illustrate the essential lessons he learned along the way. His approach outlines:

• How to give up bad days

• How to maintain a positive mental attitude despite tragedy

• How to discover your life’s purpose

• How to overcome incredible odds and live a rich and fulfilled life

Today, Holst is living in Puerto Rico and is doing well for himself through his investments.  He stated that he wants to experience the island and the culture and potentially even write about his time living there.

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