Levin Center webinar will examine 'Oversight of Prison Operations'


The Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy will present the webinar “Oversight of Prison Operations: An Interactive Masterclass” Thursday, June 22, from 2 to 4 p.m. via Zoom. 

A health care scandal in your state’s prison system has been brought to your attention. What do you do? As a legislator, what resources are at your disposal to gather information and address this problem? 

The Levin Center’s State Oversight Academy is hosting a virtual, interactive masterclass to provide the tools needed to successfully navigate a corrections oversight investigation.

This masterclass will first introduce the avenues of oversight necessary to address during your investigation. 

Then, attendees will be given a scenario that will require you to investigate a health care scandal in the prison system. 

After receiving reports from auditors, ombudspersons, and other experts, participants will separate into committees comprised of state legislative oversight leaders from across the country to determine a course of action. 

The experts will rotate to answer questions and provide further assistance as investigation planning continues. 

Finally, each committee will present a plan to the whole group. Following the class, State Oversight Academy experts will send each committee individual comments on the plans to ensure that everyone will be ready to tackle corrections oversight when issues arise.

Speaking at the webinar will be:

• Ben Eikey – State Training & Development manager, Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy

• Kade Minchey, Utah legislative auditor general

• Keith Barber, Michigan legislative corrections ombudsman

• Amarik K. Singh, California inspector general

Jim Townsend – director, Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy

• Kyle Goedert – research & communications specialist, Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy

To register for the free webinar, visit https://levin-center.org

Anyone with questions may email the Levin Center at Wayne Law at levincenter@wayne.edu.